[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] wolfSSL pkg addition with examples (#10308)

MichelRottleuthner notifications at github.com
Mon Jul 22 15:41:18 CEST 2019

>Stack (or more likely heap) might be a problem initializing large objects (TLS session) on some >platforms. Wolfcrypt-only tests have more chances to run on those.

Ok. IIRC, wolfssl also has some option to work with static memory - isn't that used for RIOT? If it is used, I'd actually expect that the build would fail with some "region whatever overflowed" message for too constrained devices. If not, what needs to be done to use static memory?

>Perhaps I should add targets to add targets to BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY depending
>on the module selection. Feel free to suggest a solution.

If there is a way to let it fail on build we can use `make buildtest` to derive a list. I think setting BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY based on the selected modules isn't really required. It should just be ensured that the list is valid for the default application configuration. The CI wouldn't enable disable modules on its own, and a dev who changes the configuration would still have to check if everything works as expected. In any case using (big enough) static memory would help by just failing to build if it can not be ensured to work.

I just tested (only compilation for now) of the wolfssl_client/server applications with your fix. Building for an arm-none-eabi-gcc target (nucleo-l476rg) failed with implicit declaration of `strnlen`. Looking at the code it should be safe to just replace with strlen() because in both cases the string is not user-provided, and also it is in a non-critical part of an example application. On the wolfssl_client application I also got an "undefined reference to `inet_pton'" error that could be fixed by adding "USEMODULE += posix_inet" to the Makefile.

regarding wolfcrypt-ed25519-verify, wolfssl_crypto_benchmark, wolfssl_crypto_test:
>(...) These are wolfcrypt-only test/benchmark units (...)

I wonder if the binary size grows too much if those get combined into a singe application providing three test commands?

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