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miri64 requested changes on this pull request.

Final round

> +RIOT is based on the following design principles: energy-efficiency, soft
+real-time capabilities, small memory footprint, modularity, and uniform API
+access, independent of the underlying hardware (with partial POSIX compliance).
+RIOT is developed by an international open-source community which is
+independent of specific vendors (e.g. similarly to the Linux community) and is
+licensed with a non-viral copyleft license (LGPLv2.1), which allows indirect
+business models around the free open-source software platform provided by RIOT.
+About this release:
+The 2019.07 release includes a number of new features including many new
+boards and cpu, riotboot added to many new and old boards, USB is now available,
+BLE improvements, Ethernet on stm32 platforms, as well as many bug fixed and

`bug fixes` or `bugs fixed`

> +being run.
+About 300 pull requests with about 659 commits have been merged since the last
+release and about 50 issues have been solved. 26 people contributed with code
+in 106 days. Approximately 1377 files have been touched with 181993 insertions
+and 19668 deletions.
+Notations used below:
+    + means new feature/item
+    * means modified feature/item
+    - means removed feature/item
+New features and changes

For bug fixes we have the "issues fixed" section. Non-critical issues that came up during the release cycle are usually not worth mentioning.

> +    * Fletcher16: extend with multi-part functions
+    + USBUS: Initial work towards an USB stack
+    + usbus: Initial simple auto init structure
+    * sys: make uart_stdio RX optional
+    + sys/event: add event_wait_until()
+    + sys/bluetil: add bluetil_addr_from_str()
+    + usbus: Add CDC-ECM (Ethernet Control Model) function
+    * usbus: simplify adding entry to list
+    * sys/stdio_ethos: replace USE_ETHOS_FOR_STDIO by stdio_ethos pseudomodule
+    * gnrc_ipv6_nib: add address from netif to address validation timer
+    + netdev_ieee802154: add txpower and page
+    * gnrc_sixlowpan_frag: allow send of multiple datagrams simultaneously
+    + gnrc_sixlowpan_frag: Initial import of a fragment size hint feature

Since this is just prep for #11068, I don't think this is worth mentioning.

> +    + tests/xtimer_mutex_lock_timeout: add simple case test
+    + Add NimBLE heart rate sensor example (GATT notifications)
+    * tests/driver_rn2xx3: fix invalid element index for txmode
+    * tests/pkg_semtech-loramac: don't init the mac from main
+    * tests/devfs: move tests-devfs out of unittests
+    + examples/lorawan: fix semtech_loramac_send TX ret code
+    * tests/unittests: split remaining packages tests to different test
+                       directory
+API Changes
+- uart_stdio RX is now optional
+- CPU_MODEL declared in boards/Makefile.features


> +#11498: Cannot compile OpenThread example without the CLI-APP.
+#11494: emcute_mqttsn example setup contains invalid steps
+#11344: RTT: `make test` not working
+#11274: riotboot_flashwrite: Failure on the nrf52
+#11091: gnrc_minimal on nRF52DK do not work anymore
+#11059: board/sltb001a: cannot flash with JLink when 'hello-world' is running
+        and no error
+#11043: boards/z1: tests/rng resets board
+#10927: gnrc_tftp: Missing minimum length check
+#10878: nrfmin can get stuck and never reach RX (while TX works)
+#10800: iotlab-m3: thread tests failing
+#10559: I2C API write_regs does not fit implementation
+#10468: Tinycryt upstream rewrote history in master branch
+#8653: msba2: default example fails on assert
+#6874: SAMD21: possible CMSIS bug ?
+#4612: pkg: TLSF does not build for 16 bit platforms

Was this really fixed or just closed as "won't fix"?

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