[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] gnrc_tcp: test improvement (#11930)

Simon Brummer notifications at github.com
Mon Jul 29 17:20:59 CEST 2019

Dear RIOTers,

The existing GNRC_TCP tests have their issues therefore a complete rewrite was in order.

The old test were two RIOT applications communicating with each other, testing client and server role, stream segmentation, window reopening and connection termination and the test had to be executed manually.

This PR replaces the existing test applications with four python based test scripts:
1) Connection life-cycle as client
2) Connection life-cycle as server
3) Sending of data (requires sending of a stream over multiple pakets)
4) Receiving of data (with receive window opening and closing)

The new tests require only a single RIOT instance and can be run in an automated test environment. 
During the tests RIOT is communicating with the host systems TCP implementation. Because of this the test run currently only under native. The entire test should work under non-native to with "ethos", however I was not able to get it to run. 

>From my point of view this PR is already a huge improvement over the existing tests and could be merged as it is. If there are is anything on "how to use/setup ethos" I would be glad to add it to this PR.

Cheers Simon
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-- Commit Summary --

  * gnrc_tcp: test improvement

-- File Changes --

    A tests/gnrc_tcp/Makefile (30)
    A tests/gnrc_tcp/README.md (25)
    A tests/gnrc_tcp/main.c (297)
    A tests/gnrc_tcp/tests/shared_func.py (52)
    A tests/gnrc_tcp/tests/test_01-conn_lifecycle_as_client.py (60)
    A tests/gnrc_tcp/tests/test_02-conn_lifecycle_as_server.py (59)
    A tests/gnrc_tcp/tests/test_03-send_data.py (82)
    A tests/gnrc_tcp/tests/test_04-receive_data.py (82)
    D tests/gnrc_tcp_client/Makefile (47)
    D tests/gnrc_tcp_client/README.md (32)
    D tests/gnrc_tcp_client/main.c (238)
    D tests/gnrc_tcp_server/Makefile (46)
    D tests/gnrc_tcp_server/README.md (33)
    D tests/gnrc_tcp_server/main.c (220)

-- Patch Links --


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