[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] tests/riotboot: add automatic test (#11707)

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Mon Jun 17 17:11:52 CEST 2019

### Contribution description

This PR adds a script that automatically tests riotboot's image selection.
It expects slot0, APP_VER=0 be pre-flashed on the device (and verifies that). This is what happens when "make flash" is run, and also happens on the CI.

A following "make test" will:
1. verify slot0, APP_VER=0
2. flash slot1, APP_VER=1, verify it is booting
3. flash slot0, APP_VER=2, verify it is booting

### Testing procedure

1. look at CI output
2. try local ```make -Ctests/riotboot flash test```

### Issues/PRs references

Needs #11697 and #11690.
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * murdock: allow multiple files to be sent along with a test job
  * riotboot: update documentation to match automatic use
  * riotboot: fix APP_VER default documentation
  * tests/riotboot_flashwrite: disable for saml1[01]-xpro
  * fixup! riotboot: fix APP_VER default documentation
  * DEPENDENCY MERGE: pr/murdock_allow_multiple_files_for_test_job
  * DEPENDENCY MERGE: pr/always_flash_riotboot_if_required
  * tests/riotboot: add re-flashing and image selection test
  * make/riotboot: allow slot image creation without compiling
  * fixup! murdock: allow multiple files to be sent along with a test job
  * fixup! tests/riotboot: add basic automatic test in python
  * riotboot: reference riotboot test documentation

-- File Changes --

    M .murdock (15)
    M Makefile.include (2)
    M bootloaders/riotboot/README.md (28)
    M makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk (23)
    M makefiles/murdock.inc.mk (9)
    M tests/riotboot/Makefile (13)
    M tests/riotboot/README.md (23)
    A tests/riotboot/tests/01_test_slot_selection.sh (12)
    R tests/riotboot/tests/common/assert_slotnum.py (11)
    M tests/riotboot_flashwrite/Makefile (5)

-- Patch Links --


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