[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] murdock: allow multiple files to be sent along with a test job (#11697)

Gaƫtan Harter notifications at github.com
Tue Jun 25 18:25:22 CEST 2019

>> And that this list of files must be in directory/subdirectory of `BINDIR`.

> IMO that is a useless restriction. In its current implementation, only the target is restricted, but more for lazyness of getting the relative handling path right wrt. differing BINDIRs on build host and test host. This is very fine for the intended use case. We should get that in and improve later.

Without "documenting" the `TEST_EXTRA_FILES` must be generated files at the base of `bindir` or the current implementation is inconsistent.

The murdock case needs a test target that has the exact same riot version on it.
So the test will expect the file in the "same" location on the test target, as it is running the same `make test`. So it would not use a file that has been moved to a new location. Introducing different behavior on the test target is not something I would support.

If other files than ones in `bindir` must be considered for the `test-input-hash`, like some other sources files, then they should not be uploaded to bindir. The current implementation uploads everything, so I assume the files in `TEST_EXTRA_FILES` must be in BINDIR.

I do not see any reason to upload other generated files than files from `bindir` as we are not supposed to generate files in the source tree. An exception I see could be another application bin directory in the case of the bootloader for example. However, I would rather copy the file in the tested application bindir instead of guessing the bootloader application bindirectory. (Hmm just makes me think that currently, for `riotboot`, the bootloader is not compiled in `BINDIR`).

For uploads, I would only handle relative path inside `BINDIR`. Having `../` relative path is opening to "lets get files outside of the repository I should not be reading" kind of issues.

> > The files will also need to also be added to `link:`.
> #11707 adds the riotboot files to "link".

They must only be generated in the building machine, so not on the host when building in docker. This should also be documented.

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