[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] makefiles/tools/uniflash.inc.mk: add a common configuration for using UniFlash (#11198)

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Fri Mar 15 16:45:58 CET 2019

### Contribution description

This pull request:
* adds a common uniflash flasher
* uses it in the cc2650xx boards.
* update the RESET configuration to handle `UniFlash` version >= 4.4.0 that had a different reset directory. In case it is not found, I used 'xds110reset' to be sure to have a value.
* use FLASHFILE as file to flash.

I tested with `cc2650-launchpad` with the versions:

* uniflash_sl.4.1.1329.run
* uniflash_sl.
* uniflash_sl.
* uniflash_sl.
* uniflash_sl.

The version `uniflash.4.0.986.run` did not work, even on master, as there is no `xds110reset`

### Testing procedure

#### Refactoring

An easier task without board could be to review commit by commit too.
The 3 first commits are only putting in common and can easily be checked by comparing the files.
The same for the `FLASHFILE` one.

#### Testing the reset handling

Either you review the code handling, or you test each versions (guess what I did…)

Detect the new path for reset

UNIFLASH_PATH=${HOME}/ti/uniflash_4.4.0 BOARD=cc2650-launchpad make --no-print-directory -C tests/shell/ reset

Detect the old path for reset (same as in master)

UNIFLASH_PATH=${HOME}/ti/uniflash_4.3.0 BOARD=cc2650-launchpad make --no-print-directory -C tests/shell/ reset

Detect the backup to `xds110reset` with this version

# This should fail as there is not `xds110reset` in uniflash and i the path
UNIFLASH_PATH=${HOME}/ti/uniflash_4.0 BOARD=cc2650-launchpad make --no-print-directory -C tests/shell/ reset
Reset program xds110reset is required but not found in PATH.  Aborting.
/home/harter/work/git/RIOT/tests/shell/../../Makefile.include:569: recipe for target 'reset' failed


Flashing still works:

UNIFLASH_PATH=${HOME}/ti/uniflash_4.6.0/ BOARD=cc2650-launchpad make --no-print-directory -C tests/shell/ flash test
# Test should succeed, do it with any test

#### Note

On my machine and the tested version, `DEBUGSERVER` file does not exist and was not working in master. I did not update this part yet.

### Issues/PRs references

Part of https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/8838

Running the tests on `cc2560-launchpad` board given by @MrKevinWeiss 

You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * boards/cc2650stk: fix whitespace
  * makefiles/uniflash.inc.mk: add common uniflash flasher
  * boards/cc2650: use the common uniflash configuration
  * makefiles/uniflash.inc.mk: update xds110reset path
  * makefiles/uniflash.inc.mk: update FFLAGS to use FLASHFILE

-- File Changes --

    M boards/cc2650-launchpad/Makefile.include (23)
    M boards/cc2650stk/Makefile.include (25)
    A makefiles/tools/uniflash.inc.mk (30)

-- Patch Links --


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