[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] core: Scheduler and IPC as modules (#11199)

Marian Buschsieweke notifications at github.com
Sat Mar 16 09:26:03 CET 2019

### Description
RIOT's scheduler and IPC has been developed with an eye on code size. Nonetheless, applications only using a single thread have no need for them. In this specific scenario the overhead of the scheduler, the idle thread and IPC could be avoided.

This issue is intended to discuss if downgrading core features of RIOT to optional modules is acceptable and worth the effort. Feel free to extend the list of pros and cons.

#### Pros
- The minimum resource requirements of RIOT could be significantly lowered
    - This would likely result in RIOT beating TinyOS's minimal resource requirements :smile:
    - Allow building many more apps in `test/` for the most constrained boards
    - Debunk the "Arduino is better for trival tasks because of resource requirements" argument, which is itching me a lot

#### Cons
- Could be significant effort to achieve
- A lot of apps will need to add `USEMODULE += multitasking ` (or what ever the syntax of adding the previously non-optional features will be)

### Implementation Details
If this is considered to be worthwhile, how should this be implemented?
- Keep everything in `core` non-optional and move multitasking support to `sys`, to keep the current code architecture?

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