[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] [Question/Problem] Cannot Compile ESP8266 with make (#11219)

Gunar Schorcht notifications at github.com
Wed Mar 20 19:12:26 CET 2019

@mmaxus35 I'm really sorry but I can't reproduce your problem. That's what I have done to reproduce your problem:
cd /opt
sudo git clone https://github.com/gschorcht/RIOT-Xtensa-ESP8266-toolchain.git esp
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/esp/esp-open-sdk/xtensa-lx106-elf/bin
cd ~/src
git clone https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT
make BOARD=esp8266-esp-12x -C examples/hello-world
And that's the output as expected:
make: Verzeichnis „/home/gs/src/RIOT/examples/hello-world“ wird betreten
ESP8266_NEWLIB_DIR should be defined as /path/to/newlib directory
ESP8266_NEWLIB_DIR is set by default to /opt/esp/newlib-xtensa
ESP8266_SDK_DIR should be defined as /path/to/sdk directory
ESP8266_SDK_DIR is set by default to /opt/esp/esp-open-sdk/sdk
Building application "hello-world" for "esp8266-esp-12x" with MCU "esp8266".

"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/boards/esp8266-esp-12x
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/boards/common/esp8266
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/core
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/cpu/esp8266
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/cpu/esp8266/periph
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/cpu/esp8266/sdk
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/cpu/esp8266/vendor
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/cpu/esp8266/vendor/esp
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/cpu/esp8266/vendor/xtensa
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/cpu/esp_common
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/drivers
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/drivers/mtd
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/drivers/periph_common
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/sys
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/sys/auto_init
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/sys/luid
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/sys/ps
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/sys/random
"make" -C /home/gs/src/RIOT/sys/random/tinymt32
   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
  70947	   4300	   7184	  82431	  141ff	/home/gs/src/RIOT/examples/hello-world/bin/esp8266-esp-12x/hello-world.elf
make: Verzeichnis „/home/gs/src/RIOT/examples/hello-world“ wird verlassen
As you can see, I followed exactly the documentation.

Please send me the output of following command:
make BOARD=esp8266-esp-12x -C examples/hello-world QUIET=0 >& make.prn
This will produce `make.prn` in RIOT's root directory. The best way for uploading large file contents is to use [Gist](https://gist.github.com).

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