[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] ble/nimble: add scanlist submodule (#11278)

Hauke Petersen notifications at github.com
Tue Mar 26 12:06:41 CET 2019

### Contribution description
In typical BLE applications, one needs to remember all the nodes that were discovered while scanning for advertisements, so e.g. connection decisions can be done on the base of discovered neighbors. 

This submodule for NimBLE provides a generic scanlist implementation, that can be used to store information about discovered neighbor nodes.

### Testing procedure
For now, only a build test (bulid `examples/nimble_gatt` with `USEMODULE += nimble_scanlist`) is available. Better testing will follow with upcoming PRs.

### Issues/PRs references
depends on (and rebased on) #11275
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-- Commit Summary --

  * ble/bluetil: add ble address helper submodule
  * unittests: added tests for bluetil_addr
  * ble/nimble: add addr helper module
  * ble/nimble: add scanlist submodule

-- File Changes --

    M Makefile.dep (4)
    M pkg/nimble/Makefile (7)
    M pkg/nimble/Makefile.dep (9)
    M pkg/nimble/Makefile.include (8)
    A pkg/nimble/addr/Makefile (3)
    A pkg/nimble/addr/include/nimble_addr.h (58)
    A pkg/nimble/addr/nimble_addr.c (47)
    A pkg/nimble/scanlist/Makefile (3)
    A pkg/nimble/scanlist/include/nimble_scanlist.h (115)
    A pkg/nimble/scanlist/nimble_scanlist.c (121)
    A pkg/nimble/scanlist/nimble_scanlist_print.c (71)
    A sys/include/net/bluetil/addr.h (80)
    A sys/net/ble/bluetil/bluetil_addr/Makefile (1)
    A sys/net/ble/bluetil/bluetil_addr/bluetil_addr.c (80)
    A tests/unittests/tests-bluetil/Makefile (1)
    A tests/unittests/tests-bluetil/Makefile.include (1)
    A tests/unittests/tests-bluetil/tests-bluetil.c (64)
    A tests/unittests/tests-bluetil/tests-bluetil.h (37)

-- Patch Links --


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