[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk: fix unrelated introduced change (#11284)

Gaƫtan Harter notifications at github.com
Tue Mar 26 16:52:40 CET 2019

### Contribution description

This change was introduced by mistake by the `edbg` refactoring. This
restores the original value for openocd.

### Testing procedure

This fixes `tests/riotboot_flashwrite`  when called with `riotboot/flash-slot0`:

BOARD=iotlab-m3 make -C tests/riotboot_flashwrite/ riotboot/flash-slot0 FLASHER=true
true flash /home/harter/work/git/RIOT/tests/riotboot_flashwrite/bin/iotlab-m3/tests_riotboot_flashwrite-slot0.riot.bin

in master
true flash /home/harter/work/git/RIOT/tests/riotboot_flashwrite/bin/iotlab-m3/tests_riotboot_flashwrite.elf

The flashed file for `riotboot/flash-slot0` in `tests/riotboot`was however still correct in `master` due to the `ELFFILE = $(FLASHFILE)` hack to have `make flash` working in `tests/riotboot`.

BOARD=iotlab-m3 make -C tests/riotboot riotboot/flash-slot0 FLASHER=true
true flash /home/harter/work/git/RIOT/tests/riotboot/bin/iotlab-m3/tests_riotboot-slot0.riot.bin

### Review only:

`git diff 72bc21c0d -- makefiles/boot` should show that now only changes to `HEXFILE` are left

``` diff
diff --git a/makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk b/makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk
index bca34b714..90ad575cb 100644
--- a/makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk
+++ b/makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk
        $(Q)truncate -s $$(($(SLOT0_OFFSET) + $(SLOT0_LEN) + $(RIOTBOOT_HDR_LEN))) $@.tmp
        $(Q)mv $@.tmp $@

-# Flashing rule for edbg to flash combined/extended binaries
-riotboot/flash-combined-slot0: HEXFILE=$(RIOTBOOT_COMBINED_BIN)
-riotboot/flash-extended-slot0: HEXFILE=$(RIOTBOOT_EXTENDED_BIN)
 # Flashing rule for openocd to flash combined/extended binaries
 riotboot/flash-combined-slot0: ELFFILE=$(RIOTBOOT_COMBINED_BIN)
 riotboot/flash-extended-slot0: ELFFILE=$(RIOTBOOT_EXTENDED_BIN)
@@ -114,8 +111,6 @@ riotboot/flash-extended-slot0: $(RIOTBOOT_EXTENDED_BIN) $(FLASHDEPS)

 # Flashing rule for slot 0
 riotboot/flash-slot0: export IMAGE_OFFSET=$(SLOT0_OFFSET)
-# Flashing rule for edbg to flash only slot 0
-riotboot/flash-slot0: HEXFILE=$(SLOT0_RIOT_BIN)
 # openocd
 riotboot/flash-slot0: ELFFILE=$(SLOT0_RIOT_BIN)
 riotboot/flash-slot0: FLASHFILE=$(SLOT0_RIOT_BIN)
@@ -124,8 +119,6 @@ riotboot/flash-slot0: $(SLOT0_RIOT_BIN) $(FLASHDEPS)

 # Flashing rule for slot 1
 riotboot/flash-slot1: export IMAGE_OFFSET=$(SLOT1_OFFSET)
-# Flashing rule for edbg to flash only slot 1
-riotboot/flash-slot1: HEXFILE=$(SLOT1_RIOT_BIN)
 # openocd
 riotboot/flash-slot1: ELFFILE=$(SLOT1_RIOT_BIN)
 riotboot/flash-slot1: FLASHFILE=$(SLOT1_RIOT_BIN)

### Issues/PRs references

#11172 when updating edbg
This is to get a proper fix for this issue only without the whole change from https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/11254 that now also includes this commit.
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk: fix unrelated introduced change

-- File Changes --

    M makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk (2)

-- Patch Links --


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