[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] board: add hamilton board support (#9013)

Gaƫtan Harter notifications at github.com
Thu Mar 28 18:09:14 CET 2019

> > Re the removal of auto_init, initially this was to isolate the test code better. As you point out, now we need it for RTT so should put it back in. It's unlikely to have any adverse effects but let's test on a few other selected boards just in case.
> I'm just realizing that this would be fine for tests/shell, but may cause trouble in other tests.

I am thinking about something as I currently have a similar issue that when `auto_init` is disabled I cannot rely on it to have something started.
The issue is that `auto_init` cannot be enabled by default as one test may not want one init function to be called.
So more the fact that "auto_init" enables all the available "auto_init" functions by default.

It would be a good solution to just disable the auto inclusion of all init functions but still use the requested ones. It would require some refactoring  but I think it would still be beneficial when using `xfa` so could still make sense to do it now.
By changing the `#ifdef MODULE_MODULE_NAME` to `#ifdef MODULE_AUTO_INIT_MODULE_NAME`  or `#ifdef defined(MODULE_AUTO_INIT_MODULE_NAME) && $(MODULE_MODULE_NAME)` and doing the requested definitions in the dependencies handling, `auto_init` could be split between `init` which calls the base function and `auto_init` that enables everything by default.

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