[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] pkg/semtech_loramac: deadlock with UNCONFIRMED messages (#11530)

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Wed May 15 22:39:18 CEST 2019

#### Description

If you are unlucky, `semtech_loramac` package can produce a deadlock when you send `UNCONFIRMED` messages from a thread that doesn't have a message queue.

The simplest way to show why is to explain how `semtech_loramac` package is connected to **LoRaMAC-node** library. This library has 3 interfaces: **MLME**, **MCPS** and **MIB**. When you send an application uplink you use the **MCPS** interface. This interface is asynchronous and can trigger two events: `Confirm` and `Indication`.

![LoRMAC architecture](https://i.imgur.com/7gi0GTV.png)

When you send an uplink you first call `semtech_loramac_send` and then `semtech_loramac_recv` to wait for the transmission to finish. Currently `semtech_loramac` handle the two **LoRaMAC-node** events has following:

* when an `UNCONFIRMED` message is sent, `semtech_loramac_recv` returns on `Confirm` event.

* when a `CONFIRMED` message is sent, `Confirm` event [is ignored][confirm-ignored]. As we expect an Ack from the LoRa server, `semtech_loramac_recv` will return on `Indication` event (when this Ack is received). Waiting for `Indication` event allows also to retrieve data from downlinks.

Function `semtech_loramac_recv` is waiting using the message module on the caller thread. When `Confirm` / `Indication` event is received, loramac event loop sends a `MSG_TYPE_LORAMAC_TX_STATUS` message to the caller thread, so it can returns from `semtech_loramac_recv`. If this thread doesn't have a message queue, sending the message blocks the event loops until the caller thread receives the message.

The problem is that when you transmit an `UNCONFIRMED` message you are also waiting for the 2 RX windows. If the LoRa server is sending a downlink to the device, `Indication` event will be fired but loramac event loop has already sent `MSG_TYPE_LORAMAC_TX_STATUS` on `Confirm` event. It will send another `MSG_TYPE_LORAMAC_TX_STATUS` that will block the event loop forever because the caller thread is out of `semtech_loramac_recv`. Even worse, if now the caller thread calls `semtech_loramac_send`, a deadlock occurs.

With the current architecture of `semtech_loramac` package, it is quite difficult to fix this issue. The simplest way would be to ignore `Indication` event when an `UNCONFIRMED` message was sent, but data from downlink messages would be lost.

#### Steps to reproduce the issue

Send an `UNCONFIRMED` message from a thread that doesn't have an message queue to a LoRa server that have a downlink message to transmit to the end device.  
In fact if you are lucky LoRa server can send a downlink by itself if it has MAC parameters to transmit to end device (for example `NewChannelReq`).

The image below describes what happened when a downlink is received after an `UNCONFIRMED` uplink.


The code that was used to produce this example is the following:

loramac.cnf = LORAMAC_TX_UNCNF;
uint8_t ret = semtech_loramac_send(&loramac, (uint8_t *)message, strlen(message));

ret = semtech_loramac_recv(&loramac);
printf("Received: %d\n", ret);

printf("Send second message\n");
ret = semtech_loramac_send(&loramac, (uint8_t *)message, strlen(message));

[confirm-ignored]: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/blob/master/pkg/semtech-loramac/contrib/semtech_loramac.c#L165

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