[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] drivers/include: add header definition for wdt (#11527)

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Tue May 21 10:02:23 CEST 2019

@aabadie @benpicco @kaspar030 

I pushed new changes taking your comments into account.

Regarding naming, Changed `wdt_setup_callback()` to `wdt_setup_reboot_with_callback()` so its clear it is doing both operations.

For the WDT callback I think the clearer way is adding a paramter `cb_time` to `wdt_setup_reboot_with_callback()`. This will make the api clearer for all use cases. 

* If fixed value: `assert(cb_time==0)`
* If configurable value it can be set as `cb_time`
* If configurable within certain values `assert(cb_time==OPTION_A || cb_time==OPTION_B ...)`
* If conflicts with min_time (samd): `assert(min_time != cb_time!=0)`

 * @brief    Set up the wdt timer, only use max_time if NORMAL operation
 *           set min_time and max_time for WINDOWED timer.
 * @param[in] min_time       lower bound for WINDOWED watchdog in ms, has to be 0
 *                           for NORMAL watchdog.
 * @param[in] max_time       upper bound for WINDOWED watchdog in ms, time before
 *                           reset for NORMAL watchdog.
 * @param[in] cb _time       time before wdt_cb is executed, must.
 * @param[in] wdt_cb         wdt callback, can be NULL
 * @param[in] arg            optional argument which is passed to the
 *                           callback, can be NULL
void wdt_setup_reboot_with_callback(uint32_t min_time, uint32_t max_time,
                             uint32_t cb_time, wdt_cb_t wdt_cb, void* arg);

> on nrf52, one can disable or keep the watchdog running during sleep/debug sessions. I guess other architectures also provide this kind of behaviors. How could this be handled by the current design ? Maybe using overridable defines at CPU levels and let the peripheral driver deal with it ? or at HAL level ?

@aabadie This can indeed be the case. Overridable defines should do the trick but lets leave this for a future PR to try to limit the discussion on this PR, what do you think?

> my second comment is about multiple watchdog management on the same CPU. still on nrf52, one can configure up to 8 watchdog "reload requests". STM32 provides 2 types of watchdog on the same CPU (independent and windowed). If I'm not mistaken, the current design doesn't allow to support such features.

@aabadie  A choice has to be made between supporting all features and a simple API. From discussions in #7374 the choice was going for a simple one and not supporting all features. So I think a single WDT has to the way to go (unless in the feature someone puts forward a use case for multiple ones). What do you think?

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