[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] dist/tools/openocd: add OPENOCD_EXTRA_INIT_RESET use for nucleo-f091rc (#11976)

Sebastian Meiling notifications at github.com
Tue Sep 3 10:01:11 CEST 2019

@cladmi you got that a bit wrong.

1. Nope not funny, rather that is how things sometimes work out. In this case: we were working on extending our test setup with more boards before the summit. More or less by chance we picked the Nucleo-l091rc and encountered flashing problems in a few cases (not all the time). We also found this PR ran it through our setup, it helped with the Nucleo and didn't break any other board or  something else. So we reported our findings here, with the intention that some additional tests results might be nice too (also in light of the recent discussion of "untested ACK").

2. I didn't have time nor the expertise in the build/make system of RIOT to do any meaningful in-depth/conceptual review right now. Hence, I trusted you and the discussion you already had with @fjmolinas to bring this into (mergeable) shape ... but I still wanted to contribute the test results we had.

3. My "would be nice to get this in quickly" was not meant to imply any urgency (or "save-my-a**" situation). I looked over this PR and saw it adds only a few lines, also there was a discussion between you and @fjmolinas sorting things out and several tests showed positiv results. Hence, with +/- 600 open PRs, this looked like an easy one to get of the stack. 
Anyway, next time I'll try to watch my wording to avoid such misunderstandings.

4. Again to be clear: this PR did not "save us" (or our test setup). Actually such things are exactly why we are building the test infrastructure: to find bugs and issues - not only with RIOT but also with its build and tool system around.

5. Regarding the timing: @aabadie already made the point, that this was opened during summer vacation time which certainly had its share in delaying progress on many PRs - not just this one.

Btw. I don't remember ever getting a thank you for a PR I made; for reviews and testing -- yes, many times. Generally I don't deem it necessary, but appreciated it is.

TL;DR: thanks @fjmolinas and @cladmi 

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