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Kaspar Schleiser notifications at github.com
Tue Sep 3 12:09:41 CEST 2019

> I'm not dogmatic- I spelled out my arguments and if you counter them then of course I can change my opinion.

1. there probably have been hundred(s) of hours of work in order to get MIPS support to the current state. Even if it has some problems, opening a removal PR takes what, 5 minutes? This is at least rude towards the original contributors.

2. So let's say basic MIPS support is currently barely usable (e.g., no board is flashing without extra PR, and UART input is non-functional). I consider those minor and solvable issues, again, compared to the rather huge amount of work that has already been invested to get us here.

3. While an extra architecture requires maintenance, it also brings many benefits: validation of our abstractions, exposure of our code to wider amount of use-cases, the possibility to do more exhaustive comparisons for our scientific crowd, and hopefully, thankful users that can benefit from RIOT on their platform of choice (or what has been forced on them). And the warm feeling that we can say "RIOT runs on almost everything that you'd call MCU".

4. RIOT is not primarily business driven. If it would, why on earth would we support anything else than Cortex-M (and maybe RISC-V, just to be able to jump ship when necessary)? The community is not a company, it is not bound by shareholder value. We do have the freedom to support stuff that we feel like we want to support it, for whatever reasons.

5. "Anyone trying to affirmatively answer the above would have to explain why #9259 is still unmerged after almost a year and half"

This one puzzles me a lot. You've been sitting across @cladmi that whole time. It should have been a rather quick merge, if there'd been some communication between you guys.
Probably you don't see value in MIPS support, and rather concentrate on other stuff that you find important, like the colored output of our build system. I'd say that's alright, work on whatever floats your boat. I respect that. I'd like to ask you to also respect different interests from other community members.

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