[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] sys/arduino: Extended Serial.print() / println() (#12117)

Kees Bakker notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 4 21:09:54 CEST 2019

I've tested this on a Sodaq One (quick-n-dirty addition of Arduino stuff). The `print` command gives this output
main(): This is RIOT! (Version: 2019.04-devel-2349-gdea54-arduino-println)
Hello Arduino!
print(int, BIN): 11111111111111111111101011000111
println(int, BIN): 11111111111111111111101011000111
print(int, OCT): 37777775307
println(int, OCT): 37777775307
print(int, DEC): -1337
println(int, DEC): -1337
print(int, HEX): fffffac7
println(int, HEX): fffffac7
print(unsigned int, BIN): 101010
println(unsigned int, BIN): 101010
print(unsigned int, OCT): 52
println(unsigned int, OCT): 52
print(unsigned int, DEC): 42
println(unsigned int, DEC): 42
print(unsigned int, HEX): 2a
println(unsigned int, HEX): 2a
print(long, BIN): 10110110011010011111110100101110
println(long, BIN): 10110110011010011111110100101110
print(long, OCT): 26632376456
println(long, OCT): 26632376456
print(long, DEC): -1234567890
println(long, DEC): -1234567890
print(long, HEX): b669fd2e
println(long, HEX): b669fd2e
print(unsigned long, BIN): 1001001100101100000001011010010
println(unsigned long, BIN): 1001001100101100000001011010010
print(unsigned long, OCT): 11145401322
println(unsigned long, OCT): 11145401322
print(unsigned long, DEC): 1234567890
println(unsigned long, DEC): 1234567890
print(unsigned long, HEX): 499602d2
println(unsigned long, HEX): 499602d2

I've visually compared it with the expected values in the test script. It looks OK to me. Shall we enable Murdock?

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