[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] stale: only apply to PRs (#12192)

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Wed Sep 18 11:46:49 CEST 2019

> Sorry for the tangent, but let me make sure how the "Known Issues" are generated for a release.

Given that I reply a bit longer as well below should we maybe split this out in a separate issue or mailing list thread?
> 1. Review the list of known issues from previous release
> 2. Remove any issues that have been resolved
> 3. Review the issues generated since the last release. Determine if any of them should be included in known issues, and add those that qualify to the list.
> As it stands now, I need to add a new step:
> 2a. Un-stale any staled issues in the list of known issues that have not been fixed.
> Also, the proposal here is to add a new label, `Process: release: known issue` and tag all of the existing known issues. This will mean that we won't need to do step 2a. in the future.

Actually, 1-2 could completely be automated with the `Process: release: known issue` label. The basis for this is already exists with https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT-release-manager/pull/9 (can you see that repo btw?). And yes, the new step 2a would be not necessary anymore.

> About these 200 issues. As we said, some of them may be already known issues and must be un-staled. Are you asking me to re-evaluate the rest of these issues to determine if they should be added to the list? Haven't we considered these issues in the past and apparently no one thought them significant enough to add to the list of known issues?
> So, I guess the nub here is to know how an issue is qualified as a "known issue". I would appreciate any heuristics.

I guess the heuristic is "important enough to mention it in the release notes", but I agree that this is somewhat tautological. I think a proper definition wasn't stated up to this point. The original arguments @OlegHahm stated to me were (from memory) "A big enough issue, that might be of interest to people and should be mentioned" (a "Known issue") vs. "Overcrowding the release notes with tiny bugs that, yes, should be fixed, but don't ring any alarm bells" (so those don't go into the "Known issues" section).

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