[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] usb: fails to respond ro ping when used with 802.15.4 (#12002)

chrysn notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 18 16:32:15 CEST 2019

To summarize, there are three variations of the gcoap example I'm building:

* In the base version (let's call it version A), I add the `usbus_cdc_ecm` module (and set `-DGNRC_NETIF_NUMOF=2` to keep me out of trouble later), but keep `gnrc_netdev_default` and any other netdev out of the modules set. When I flash that, I get exactly one interface in `ifconfig`, which is the USB interface with its proper address. That address is VAL and I can ping it from the host.

* Once I add `nimble_netif` to the mix (call that version B), there are two network interfaces. They have no ambitions of routing but why should they. When I flash that, I see both interfaces. Both get their respective addresses, but the USB interface's address stays `TNT[1]` and can not be pinged from the host.

* Only if I add `gnrc_sixlowpan_border_router_default` to get a third version (C), then the USB interface becomes `VAL` after bootup, and can be pinged.

In none of the examples I make any actual attempts to configure the other network interface yet. In the original issue description the same was done with the default 802.15.4 network stack there (similar to my B), and the problem went away when fjmolinas followed bergzand's border router instructions, as part of which the border router was pulled in (similar to my C), working around the issue.

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