[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] riotboot: add riotboot_bootloader pseudomudule (#12307)

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Thu Sep 26 14:53:24 CEST 2019

### Contribution description

This PR attempts to fix the first part of #12003 

> * Introduced by bb71e979f
>   * the file use when flashing is not the bootloader firmware but an extended bootloader with a slot0 bootloader. So `riotboot/flash-bootloader` would overwrite `slot0` and `slot1` header.

With the pseudomodule we can specify that the bootloader application is using to `bootloader` itself, and normal applications aren't, they are just using `riotboot` modules or functionality.

This allows defining FLASHFILE as a regular `ELFFILE` for the bootloader and keeping the current behavior where we wan't it, i.e. flashing an application + boot-loader using `riotboot`.

All boards providing riotboot now provide `riotboot_bootloader`.

### Testing procedure

- Verify this fixes the issue:

BOARD=iotlab-m3 make --no-print-directory -C bootloaders/riotboot/ info-debug-variable-FLASHFILE

- Previous behavior is kept

BOARD=iotlab-m3 make --no-print-directory -C tests/riotboot/ info-debug-variable-FLASHFILE

### Issues/PRs references

Addresses #12003 
Related to #12302
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * riotboot: add riotboot_bootloader pseudomudule

-- File Changes --

    M boards/b-l072z-lrwan1/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/b-l475e-iot01a/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/common/iotlab/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/common/kw41z/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/common/nrf52/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/common/saml1x/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/frdm-k64f/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/lsn50/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f207zg/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f302r8/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f303k8/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f303re/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f303ze/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f334r8/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f446re/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f722ze/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f746zg/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-f767zi/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-l073rz/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-l152re/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-l432kc/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-l433rc/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-l452re/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-l476rg/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-l496zg/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/nucleo-l4r5zi/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/pba-d-01-kw2x/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/same54-xpro/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/saml21-xpro/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/samr21-xpro/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/stm32f429i-disc1/Makefile.features (2)
    M boards/stm32l476g-disco/Makefile.features (2)
    M bootloaders/riotboot/Makefile (2)
    M makefiles/boot/riotboot.mk (7)

-- Patch Links --


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