[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] tests/xtimer_mutex_lock_timeout: New test (#12008)

Julian Holzwarth notifications at github.com
Fri Sep 27 16:12:13 CEST 2019

JulianHolzwarth commented on this pull request.

> @@ -42,9 +49,58 @@ static const shell_command_t shell_commands[] = {
       cmd_test_xtimer_mutex_lock_timeout_long_unlocked, },
     { "mutex_timeout_long_locked", "locked mutex with long timeout",
       cmd_test_xtimer_mutex_lock_timeout_long_locked, },
+    { "mutex_timeout_long_locked_low",
+      "locked mutex from lower prio thread function with long timeout",

The description should be something short because a long one is difficult to read. If a "random dude" wants to know what the test does he should read the documentation. I would almost say the command and description is currently too long. I agree that the description is currently not perfect. What do you think about` locked mutex with long timeout tested with 2 threads`
The part: `locked mutex with long timeout` is to be consistent with the other commands.

**LONG** means the timer does not spin(timeout longer than `XTIMER_BACKOFF`).
NOT that is does not trigger. 
It should trigger in `cmd_test_xtimer_mutex_lock_timeout_long_locked`.
It is only called **LONG** because there will be a test with a short one (meaning the timer will spin). This test will be added as soon as the bugs are removed because it fails at the moment.

**tracking pr to show what my goal is (how I will remove the bugs)#11660**

**LOW** and **LONG** are not meant to be precise. It is only short for lower than main thread and longer than `XTIMER_BACKOFF`. How much longer/lower is irrelevant for the test.

To sum it up for me a help description should be short. I am not against changing the  description. And long and low are chosen on purpose.

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