[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] Have usable VID/PIDs for standard situations and prototype ones for examples (#12273)

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Fri Sep 27 18:57:21 CEST 2019

I've prepared a branch for a PR to pid.codes at https://github.com/chrysn-pull-requests/pidcodes.github.com/tree/riot-codes (https://github.com/chrysn-pull-requests/pidcodes.github.com/commit/1aea5b95549ba364741d55f6d33b31b9dded3973), but not sent it as I'm not convinced this is all correct.

To summarize that request, it's asking for one PID for when only RIOT-OS is setting up peripherals (serial, Ethernet, bootloader reset), one RIOT specific Test PID that has similar policy as the existing test PIDs but can still capture RIOT shipped peripherals, and one for RIOT's DFU bootloader (that, AFAICT, is so far just an idea).

Especially, I'm not sure we get away with a single number for the "just what the board ships" case, as that may include serial and/or Ethernet only if the application demands a stdio or a network interface, resulting in different USB behaviors. As I understand the IDs are largely relevant for Windows drivers (as in Linux and MacOS things always work out of the box, and things like udev can hook into any attribute to decide permissions/groups/names etc). Can a single Windows … driver description? … be created that would encompass, on a single VID/PID pair, all the variation there can be on that? (I've been wondering that before, and https://github.com/pidcodes/pidcodes.github.com/issues/289 reaffirms my doubts that one would be enough).

If it is, can someone confirm that? If it is not, how many "bits" do we need to set aside? I suppose we'll have the (bootloader) reset all the time once it's there, but serial and Ethernet are the two variables, so I'd be asking for 4 IDs then (or 8, 4 for regular and 4 for the Test PID)? Do we anticipate other peripherals to be enabled on a board by default? (I don't really see how a mass storage device would interact there, unless it's the bootloader that gets its own ID anyway.)

Is there any reason why devices running test cases can not just use the Test PID?

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