[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] Gcoap does not handle separate responses (#14169)

chrysn notifications at github.com
Fri May 29 14:59:28 CEST 2020

#### Description

Gcoap seems not to handle separate responses at all.

#### Steps to reproduce the issue

* Run a CoAP server that sends separate responses (ie. sends an empty ACK in response to a CON, takes its time, and then sends the response in a CON of its own), for example the [aiocoap demo server](https://aiocoap.readthedocs.io/en/latest/examples.html) at its `/other/separate` resource (which takes several seconds to respond)
* Run the gcoap example
* `coap get -c your-own-host 5683 /other/separate`

#### Expected results

The client should cease retransmission once it receives the ACK (which comes along at the original request's MID), and then wait (until its timeout) to receive a any new message on the requested token.

If that request is a CON, the client ACKs it. (If it has timed out, it may also RST it.)

#### Actual results

The client ignores the empty ACK, keeps retransmitting, ignores the incoming CON when it's finally there and eventually times out.

#### Versions

Current RIOT master (8a2b089cd5db7f063beb7a001baf8ee7ab763fb9), tested on ntive.

#### Next steps

I'll look into how this is best resolved.

One likely first step is to remove the check for "does the message ID match" in the response processing -- on request/response level, only the token matters.

Then, on receipt of a CON in a response, an ACK or RST needs to be sent. (The distinction could be whether a memo was found, but just sending an ACK should be just as fine, gotta check with the spec).

Finally, arriving empty ACKs will be checked for whether they match a memo, and silence its retransmissions. This may involve some nontrivial changes because it seems to me that the retransmission counter doubles as an application timeout -- that means that once the ACK is received, the eventual timeout needs to be calculated for an application timeout to be scheduled then.

@kb2ma or @haukepetersen, I'd appreciate a quick "sounds good" or "that's problematic" on the above steps before I start hacking away.

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