[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] [RFC] tests: group applications in subdirectories (#15358)

Alexandre Abadie notifications at github.com
Mon Nov 2 18:19:51 CET 2020

> As a new user, looking at the tests for possible examples, I would wonder, what gnrc is

Then we could rename this category `networking` and keep the gnrc prefix in the applications inside it. Other test applications could be moved there then.
As a new user (I remember I had this impression when I discovered RIOT), I would wonder why there are so many applications in tests that are not tests but are really example applications (as you said when "looking at the tests for possible examples"). As a new user, I would not spontaneously have the idea to look into the tests directory for example applications. Here I'm more thinking at all the applications for driver and packages but that certainly applies to any applications that are not based on the embunit framework.
If the approach in this PR makes sense (e.g. grouping applications by categories), then the `drivers/` and `pkg/` subdirectories could be moved to `examples/` in follow-up PRs, I guess.

> how about using a similar scheme many other modular projects use and reflect the tree of the system under test

The problem I see is the tree depth that would increase. We should find a good trade-off between tree depth and the number of applications at a given level. I think we all agree that the situation in master is not good (427 directories in `tests/`, 145 with this PR and we can still group more).

> Another problem I see with the current hierarchy (but also my own proposal) is that tests that should be together (because they are very similar and might become one application at some point in the future) are split up. The perfect example that comes to mind for me are the *_sock_{udp,ip,tcp} applications. See also #14669

I agree that some applications could be merged but this is orthogonal to this PR. I also think that we should keep in mind that it's important to have good and visible examples for end-users. Keeping a detailed application for each `_sock_udp` and `_sock_tcp` would be useful for newcomers to discover how to use different transport protocols in RIOT. The IP related layer makes a little less sense for end-users.

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