[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] Makefile.include: discover object files in sub-paths while linking (#15364)

Cenk Gündoğan notifications at github.com
Tue Nov 3 17:17:59 CET 2020

@cgundogan requested changes on this pull request.

`find` returns another order of object files for linking.  This yields a random offset for symbols in the elf file.  By sorting the output of sort, the elf file generation should be deterministic and the hash compare test should succeed.

> @@ -576,9 +576,9 @@ ARCHIVES_GROUP = $(if $(ARCHIVES),$(LINKFLAGPREFIX)--start-group $(ARCHIVES) -lm
-  _LINK = $(if $(CPPMIX),$(LINKXX),$(LINK)) $$(find $(BASELIBS:%.module=$(BINDIR)/%/*.o) 2> /dev/null) $(ARCHIVES_GROUP) $(LINKFLAGS) $(LINKFLAGPREFIX)-no_pie
+  _LINK = $(if $(CPPMIX),$(LINKXX),$(LINK)) $$(find $(BASELIBS:%.module=$(BINDIR)/%/) -name "*.o" 2> /dev/null) $(ARCHIVES_GROUP) $(LINKFLAGS) $(LINKFLAGPREFIX)-no_pie

  _LINK = $(if $(CPPMIX),$(LINKXX),$(LINK)) $$(find $(BASELIBS:%.module=$(BINDIR)/%/) -name "*.o" 2> /dev/null | sort) $(ARCHIVES_GROUP) $(LINKFLAGS) $(LINKFLAGPREFIX)-no_pie

>  else
-  _LINK = $(if $(CPPMIX),$(LINKXX),$(LINK)) $$(find $(BASELIBS:%.module=$(BINDIR)/%/*.o) 2> /dev/null) $(ARCHIVES_GROUP) $(LINKFLAGS) $(LINKFLAGPREFIX)-Map=$(BINDIR)/$(APPLICATION).map
+  _LINK = $(if $(CPPMIX),$(LINKXX),$(LINK)) $$(find $(BASELIBS:%.module=$(BINDIR)/%/) -name "*.o" 2> /dev/null) $(ARCHIVES_GROUP) $(LINKFLAGS) $(LINKFLAGPREFIX)-Map=$(BINDIR)/$(APPLICATION).map

  _LINK = $(if $(CPPMIX),$(LINKXX),$(LINK)) $$(find $(BASELIBS:%.module=$(BINDIR)/%/) -name "*.o" 2> /dev/null | sort) $(ARCHIVES_GROUP) $(LINKFLAGS) $(LINKFLAGPREFIX)-Map=$(BINDIR)/$(APPLICATION).map

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