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Thu Nov 5 22:59:58 CET 2020

### Contribution description

This adds support for a simple [breakout board](https://aliexpress.com/item/1005001671185373.html) of the nRF52811 based [E104-BT5011A](http://www.ebyte.com/en/product-view-news.aspx?id=1039) module.

It's pin compatible with the E104-BT5010A (nRF52810), so all we need to to is replace the `CPU_MODEL`.

It turns out `nrf802154` made some assumptions about the max tx power that is not valid for the smaller members of the nRF52 family. Fortunately the vendor files provide an appropriate define. 

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-- Commit Summary --

  * nrf802154: don't hard-code max TX power
  * boards/nrf52: resolve netdev dependencies for all family members
  * boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb: create common board for Ebyte nRF52 breakouts
  * boards/e104-bt5011a-tb: add support for the E104-BT5011A Test Board

-- File Changes --

    A boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/Kconfig (14)
    A boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/Makefile (3)
    A boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/Makefile.dep (5)
    A boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/Makefile.features (7)
    A boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/Makefile.include (6)
    R boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/board.c (4)
    A boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/doc.txt (6)
    R boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/include/board.h (4)
    R boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/include/gpio_params.h (2)
    R boards/common/e104-bt50xxa-tb/include/periph_conf.h (6)
    R boards/common/nrf52/Makefile.802154.dep (0)
    R boards/common/nrf52/Makefile.ble.dep (0)
    M boards/common/nrf52/Makefile.dep (12)
    M boards/e104-bt5010a-tb/Kconfig (7)
    M boards/e104-bt5010a-tb/Makefile (3)
    M boards/e104-bt5010a-tb/Makefile.dep (6)
    M boards/e104-bt5010a-tb/Makefile.features (8)
    M boards/e104-bt5010a-tb/Makefile.include (5)
    A boards/e104-bt5011a-tb/Kconfig (16)
    A boards/e104-bt5011a-tb/Makefile (5)
    A boards/e104-bt5011a-tb/Makefile.dep (3)
    A boards/e104-bt5011a-tb/Makefile.features (3)
    A boards/e104-bt5011a-tb/Makefile.include (1)
    A boards/e104-bt5011a-tb/doc.txt (31)
    M cpu/nrf52/radio/nrf802154/nrf802154.c (4)
    M cpu/nrf52/radio/nrf802154/nrf802154_radio.c (8)

-- Patch Links --


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