[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] Particle boards: Support monofirmware builds and uploads (#12751)

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Fri Nov 6 12:59:44 CET 2020

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> +#endif
+    .platform_id = 13,
+    .platform_id = 14,
+    .module_index = 3, /* MOD_FUNC_MONO_FIRMWARE from dynalib/inc/module_info.h */
+typedef int dont_be_pedantic;
+/** @} */

I've picked the parts from the original sources, and as with the firmware addresses it's as weird to use as the module info (unless you're building a firmware that uses all their ecosystem).

What I couldn't figure out though is why this isn't interacting with the baud-rate-600 automatism (which I'm not particularly fond of but haven't contributed anything better either...). I *can* use the command line reset with

[ go to bootloader mode using buttons ]
[ it's blinking yellow ]
$ make BOARD=particle-xenon PARTICLE_MONOFIRMWARE=1 -C tests/usbus_cdc_acm_stdio all flash term PORT=/dev/ttyACM0
> help
Command              Description
text                 Generates long text for testing stdio buffer
reboot               Reboot the node
version              Prints current RIOT_VERSION
bootloader           Reboot to bootloader
pm                   interact with layered PM subsystem
ps                   Prints information about running threads.
> bootloader
[ blinks yellow again and accepts uploads ]

but just setting baud rate 600 reboots the board without going to the boot loader. Is there any further configuration necessary to enable this?

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