[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] riotboot: add basic porting guide [TAKEOVER] (#15417)

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Tue Nov 10 11:13:11 CET 2020

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> +
+- Provide the variables `ROM_START_ADDR` and `ROM_LEN` as well as
+- Adapt the linker scripts for your cpu to pass the test
+[tests/cortexm_common_ldscript](../../tests/cortexm_common_ldscript). This test
+ensures that the linker script supports building firmware's with a rom offset
+and specific sized firmware's.
+- Make the startup code `board_init()`, `cpu_init` idempotent, i.e. whether you
+execute it once, or twice, it works all the same. The global define `RIOTBOOT`
+can be useful here. (e.g. [cpu/efm32/cpu.c](../../cpu/efm32/cpu.c))
+- Make sure (and adapt if needed) that the flasher script can:
+    - flash a `.bin`
+    - flash at a specified offset
+    - flash without performing mass erase, only erase flash sections to be written
+  e.g.: [makefiles/tools/edbg.inc.mk](../../makefiles/tools/edbg.inc.mk)
+- Declare `FEATURES_PROVIDED += riotboot` for the target `BOARD`/`CPU`.

Should only be declared at board level since it depends on the programmer and this is defined at board level.

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