[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] Renode improvements (#15427)

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Wed Nov 11 07:43:23 CET 2020

### Contribution description

Some improvements for the renode integration. Especially in context of the [RIOT OS IDE](https://github.com/Citrullin/RIOT-OS-IDE). Eventually the IDE contains everything someone needs to start with developing an application in RIOT.
No extras needed. In order to make this possible, I need to change the renode implementation. 
Overall this is still a work in progress. 
Known issues:
- [No such command or device: next_value](https://github.com/renode/renode/issues/152)
- `telnet localhost 3456` seems not to work, even though the UART should be exposed via the [socket terminal](https://renode.readthedocs.io/en/latest/host-integration/uart.html#socket-terminal) on the nrf52840dk. 

### Testing procedure

With RIOT OS snap package: 

1. Clone the [RIOT OS IDE](https://github.com/Citrullin/RIOT-OS-IDE). 
2. Change into the cloned directory. Create a snap with `snapcraft`
3. Install the generated snap with `snap install --devmode riot-os-ide_0.1_[ARCHITECTURE].snap`
4. Change into an example application in RIOT
5. Execute `RENODE=/snap/bin/riot-os-ide.renode BOARD=nrf52840dk make emulate`

With global renode installation:
1. Change into an example application in RIOT
2. Execute `RENODE=/snap/bin/riot-os-ide.renode BOARD=nrf52840dk make emulate`

### Issues/PRs references
Contains workarounds for [#144 in renode](https://github.com/renode/renode/issues/144). 

@basilfx Does this workaround work for you too? Or do I need to change something?
@chrysn Since you also commit on [EFM2RIOT](https://github.com/basilfx/EFM2RIOT/tree/feature/simplify), you are might be interested in this as well.

You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Add renode improvements
  * Update cc2538 renode board config
  * Add all target to emulate
  * Change board.repl to cpu.repl in cc2538dk
  * Change image_file assignment
  * Add nrf52840dk renode board configuration
  * Remove unnecessary renode board configuration from scripts
  * Add periph_uart_modecfg to sltb001a board feature
  * rm merge_config
  * Resolve ikea-tradfri merge conflict

-- File Changes --

    M Makefile.include (2)
    M boards/cc2538dk/dist/board.resc (43)
    M boards/ikea-tradfri/Makefile.features (6)
    M boards/ikea-tradfri/Makefile.include (3)
    A boards/ikea-tradfri/dist/board.resc (22)
    M boards/nrf52840dk/Makefile.features (3)
    M boards/nrf52840dk/Makefile.include (3)
    A boards/nrf52840dk/dist/board.resc (16)
    M boards/sltb001a/Makefile.features (6)
    M boards/sltb001a/Makefile.include (3)
    A boards/sltb001a/dist/board.resc (22)
    M boards/stm32f4discovery/Makefile.features (1)
    M boards/stm32f4discovery/Makefile.include (3)
    A boards/stm32f4discovery/dist/board.resc (40)
    A cpu/cc2538/dist/cpu.repl (76)
    A cpu/efm32/dist/cpu.repl (66)
    A cpu/nrf52/dist/cpu.repl (25)
    A cpu/stm32f7/dist/cpu.repl (126)
    A dist/tools/kconfiglib/menuconfig.py (3281)
    M dist/tools/renode/run-renode.sh (77)
    A dist/tools/renode/scripts/monitor.py (60)
    A dist/tools/renode/scripts/pydev/counter.py (7)
    A dist/tools/renode/scripts/pydev/flipflop.py (7)
    A dist/tools/renode/scripts/pydev/repeater.py (8)
    A dist/tools/renode/scripts/pydev/rolling-bit.py (10)
    A dist/tools/renode/scripts/pydev/ticker.py (7)

-- Patch Links --


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