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Mon Nov 16 11:47:37 CET 2020

### Contribution description
Continuing with the module dependency modelling in Kconfig, this is the first of a series of PRs that will start modelling the high-level drivers.  Given the amount of drivers I will be splitting this into multiple PRs. I've started in alphabetical order, this contains most of the one starting with `a`. Some network devices are not in this PR given that many test applications bring the GNRC stack, and that's not yet modelled.

### Testing procedure
- Check that the dependencies are correctly modelled, comparing to the current Makefiles.
- Check that the test applications of the correspondent drivers are added to the list of the CI
- Green CI

### Issues/PRs references
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * drivers/ad7746: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/adcxx1c: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/ads101x: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/adt7310: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/adxl345: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/aip31068: add module to Kconfig
  * sys/color: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/apa102: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/apds99xx: add module to Kconfig
  * sys/event: add modules to Kconfig
  * drivers/at: add modules to Kconfig
  * drivers/mtd: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/at24cxx: add modules to Kconfig
  * drivers/at24mac: add module to Kconfig
  * sys/embunit: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/at25xxx: add modules to Kconfig
  * drivers/at30tse75x: add module to Kconfig
  * sys/ps: add module to Kconfig
  * drivers/ata8520e: add module to Kconfig
  * tests/drivers: add Kconfig configuration files and to CI test

-- File Changes --

    M .murdock (6)
    M drivers/Kconfig (12)
    M drivers/Kconfig.net (1)
    A drivers/ad7746/Kconfig (14)
    A drivers/adcxx1c/Kconfig (40)
    M drivers/ads101x/Kconfig (15)
    A drivers/adt7310/Kconfig (14)
    A drivers/adxl345/Kconfig (12)
    A drivers/aip31068/Kconfig (16)
    A drivers/apa102/Kconfig (12)
    A drivers/apds99xx/Kconfig (59)
    M drivers/at/Kconfig (45)
    A drivers/at24cxxx/Kconfig (49)
    A drivers/at24cxxx/mtd/Kconfig (13)
    A drivers/at24mac/Kconfig (11)
    A drivers/at25xxx/Kconfig (18)
    A drivers/at25xxx/mtd/Kconfig (12)
    A drivers/at30tse75x/Kconfig (15)
    A drivers/ata8520e/Kconfig (18)
    A drivers/mtd/Kconfig (10)
    M sys/Kconfig (3)
    A sys/color/Kconfig (10)
    A sys/embunit/Kconfig (11)
    A sys/event/Kconfig (46)
    M sys/isrpipe/Kconfig (3)
    A sys/ps/Kconfig (10)
    A tests/driver_ad7746/app.config.test (4)
    A tests/driver_adcxx1c/app.config.test (4)
    A tests/driver_ads101x/app.config.test (3)
    A tests/driver_adt7310/app.config.test (4)
    A tests/driver_adxl345/app.config.test (4)
    A tests/driver_aip31068/app.config.test (5)
    A tests/driver_apa102/app.config.test (5)
    A tests/driver_apds99xx/app.config.test (5)
    A tests/driver_apds99xx_full/app.config.test (6)
    A tests/driver_at/app.config.test (20)
    A tests/driver_at24cxxx/app.config.test (3)
    A tests/driver_at24mac/app.config.test (4)
    A tests/driver_at25xxx/app.config.test (4)
    A tests/driver_at30tse75x/app.config.test (5)
    A tests/driver_ata8520e/app.config.test (5)
    A tests/driver_netdev_common/app.config.test (0)

-- Patch Links --


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