[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] makefiles/renode: dont export EMULATOR* variables (#15483)

Alexandre Abadie notifications at github.com
Fri Nov 20 12:37:26 CET 2020

The RIOT community cares a lot about code quality.
Therefore, before describing what your contribution is about, we would like
you to make sure that your modifications are compliant with the RIOT
coding conventions, see https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Coding-conventions.

### Contribution description

I noticed that EMULATOR* variables were exported although this is not needed. This PR removes the useless `export` from renode.inc.mk and add a static check to make sure they are not exported.

Put here the description of your contribution:
- describe which part(s) of RIOT is (are) involved
- if it's a bug fix, describe the bug that it solves and how it is solved
- you can also give more information to reviewers about how to test your changes

### Testing procedure

- Green CI (Murdock not needed I think)
- Renode is still called correctly with using the emulate target (I don't have renode installed but the command is correct):

$ BUILD_IN_DOCKER=1 make BOARD=cc2538dk -C examples/hello-world all emulate --no-print-directory 
Launching build container using image "riot/riotbuild:latest".
docker run --rm --tty --user $(id -u) -v '/usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Paris:/etc/localtime:ro' -v '/work/riot/RIOT:/data/riotbuild/riotbase:delegated' -e 'RIOTBASE=/data/riotbuild/riotbase' -e 'CCACHE_BASEDIR=/data/riotbuild/riotbase' -e 'BUILD_DIR=/data/riotbuild/riotbase/build' -e 'RIOTPROJECT=/data/riotbuild/riotbase' -e 'RIOTCPU=/data/riotbuild/riotbase/cpu' -e 'RIOTBOARD=/data/riotbuild/riotbase/boards' -e 'RIOTMAKE=/data/riotbuild/riotbase/makefiles'      -e 'BOARD=cc2538dk'  -w '/data/riotbuild/riotbase/examples/hello-world/' 'riot/riotbuild:latest' make 'BOARD=cc2538dk'    all
Building application "hello-world" for "cc2538dk" with MCU "cc2538".

"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/boards/cc2538dk
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/core
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/cpu/cc2538
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/cpu/cc2538/periph
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/cpu/cortexm_common
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/cpu/cortexm_common/periph
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/drivers
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/drivers/periph_common
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/sys
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/sys/auto_init
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/sys/newlib_syscalls_default
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/sys/pm_layered
"make" -C /data/riotbuild/riotbase/sys/stdio_uart
   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
   8864	    112	   2296	  11272	   2c08	/data/riotbuild/riotbase/examples/hello-world/bin/cc2538dk/hello-world.elf
/work/riot/RIOT/dist/tools/renode/run-renode.sh start
### Starting Renode ###
sh: 1: renode: not found

Details steps to test your contribution:
- which test/example to compile for which board and is there a 'test' command
- how to know that it was not working/available in master
- the expected success test output

### Issues/PRs references

Found while reviewing #15459 

Examples: Fixes #1234. See also #5678. Depends on PR #9876.

Please use keywords (e.g., fixes, resolve) with the links to the issues you
resolved, this way they will be automatically closed when your pull request
is merged. See https://help.github.com/articles/closing-issues-using-keywords/.

You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * makefiles/renode: don't export EMULATOR variables
  * ci: ensure EMULATOR* variables are not exported

-- File Changes --

    M dist/tools/buildsystem_sanity_check/check.sh (1)
    M makefiles/tools/renode.inc.mk (4)

-- Patch Links --


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