[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] api.riot-os.org is resource hungry and makes my fan spin (after Days) (#15503)

Karl Fessel notifications at github.com
Tue Nov 24 16:13:26 CET 2020

#### Description

I found my laptop fan spinning loudly checked -> found it was Firefox , checked its Task Manger and found api.riot-os.org on top  (this is a place where i would not expect a API documentation page, this should be reserved for marketing and social media garbage)

api.riot-os.org is resource hungry and  over time the page gets more and more sluggish

what happens:
the showRoot() function in Doxygens navtree.js triggers itself using a timeout after 0 seconds (and keeps doing this) when if fails and it keeps failing due to a missing scrollTo function.

I don't know how it got missing but my guess is it can be fixed with a newer JQuery library.
The `$()` of the currently used jquerry seems to not forward the scrollTo function. The version that is used on doxygen.org does not have that issue.

#### Steps to reproduce the issue

make the Problem visible:
-With your browser (i tested Firefox and Chromium) visit api.riot-os.org
-Start the inspector tool (ctrl-shift-i)
-performance tab
-record a short time (a second is enough)
   - firefox has a filter for different kind of event where function calls where invisible -> make the visible 
-see masses of function calls to setTimeout in navtree.js:247 showRoot() 

#### Expected results

not masses of function Calls

#### Actual results

masses of function calls to setTimeout in navtree.js:247 showRoot()

#### Versions

current api.riot-os.org build by doxygen 1.8.13 containing JQuerry 1.12.4

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