[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] gnrc_ipv6_nib: auto-configure downstream subnets (#16536)

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Wed Aug 4 12:03:52 CEST 2021

@miri64 requested changes on this pull request.

> @@ -86,6 +86,14 @@ static void _handle_rdnss_timeout(sock_udp_ep_t *dns_server);
 /** @} */
+/* Callback to hook into Prefix Information Option */
+__attribute__ ((weak))
+void gnrc_nib_rtr_adv_pio_cb(gnrc_netif_t *netif, const ndp_opt_pi_t *pio)

void gnrc_ipv6_nib_rtr_adv_pio_cb(gnrc_netif_t *netif, const ndp_opt_pi_t *pio)

> +/**
+ * @brief   Immediately send a 'last router advertisement', that is a RA that
+ *          does not advertise this host as a default router.
+ *
+ *          If the @ref CONFIG_GNRC_IPV6_NIB_ADD_RIO_IN_LAST_RA option is set,
+ *          this will include a Route Information Option and nothing else.
+ *
+ * @param[in] netif     The interface on which the router advertisement should
+ *                      be sent.
+ */
+void gnrc_ipv6_nib_send_final_rtr_adv(gnrc_netif_t *netif);

Why is this function needed? Shouldn't it be enough to disable `RTR_ADV` on the interface?

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