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> + * @brief Activates low power mode operation
+ *
+ * This function makes the device measure temperatures in a strictly discrete way
+ * at a user definable rate, as opposed to performing continuous measurements
+ * at the device's conversion rate.
+ * It allows the device to stay in shutdown mode for the most part, therefore consuming less power.
+ * In the tmp1075 sensor this is done automatically using the one shot mode feature.
+ * In the LM75A sensor this is done manually by switching the device to and from shutdown mode.
+ *
+ * @param[in] dev           device structure
+ * @param[in] interval      time interval in ms between measurements
+ *
+ * @return LM75_ERROR if unsuccessful
+ * @return LM75_SUCCESS if successful
+ */
+int lm75_low_power_mode(lm75_t *dev, uint16_t interval);

The interval is any value bigger than the conversion rate. While smaller values are accept by the function, they will not be used if they are smaller than the conversion rate, as they will not allow the device to update the temperature register. 
Any value larger than the conversion rate is possible(within the limits of the 16bit unsigned integer, of course), if the user wants to wait longer between measurements.

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