[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] net/lorawan : Expose configurations to Kconfig (#15507)

José Alamos notifications at github.com
Thu Jan 7 11:04:58 CET 2021

@jia200x commented on this pull request.

> +
+    int "Link check interval (in seconds)" if LORAMAC_ADVANCED_OPTIONS
+    depends on USEMODULE_RN2XX3
+    default 0
+    help
+        Configure the default link check interval (in seconds). 0 means the link
+        check process is disabled. The link check process is used by an
+        end-device to validate its connectivity with the network. The frame has
+        no payload. When a `LinkCheckReq` is received by the network server via
+        one or multiple gateways, it responds with a `LinkCheckAns` MAC command.
+    int "RX1 window delay (in milliseconds)" if LORAMAC_ADVANCED_OPTIONS
+    default 1000

> Edit: I think I got confused with Air time and ToA. ToA will be in milliseconds range, hence may not be really relevant here, I suppose. OTAA has a max RX1 delay of 5 seconds. So range 1 5 should work, right ?

In practice I don't think a NS could configre more than 5 seconds. So I think this should be fine. But note this parameter is still in milliseconds. Therefore the range should be `range 1000 5000`

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