[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] Makefile.include: change to account for TOOLCHAIN having dependencies (#15832)

Francisco notifications at github.com
Thu Jan 21 18:45:13 CET 2021

### Contribution description

While looking at #15828 I realized a couple things:

- `TOOLCHAIN` is used to trigger dependencies (for `picolibc` in `gnrc_minimal`)
- `TOOLCHAIN` is not saved in the dependency debug variables
- It is not parsed after `BOARD` dependencies are handler, e.g.: if the `BOARD` is `native` on OSX the default toolchain would be `llvm` but `picolibc` is not added.

IMO if  `TOOLCHAIN` can have dependencies as proposed by @aabadie  in #15828 and as used in `examples/gnrc_minimal` then the above changes are required, but TBH I would prefer `TOOLCHAIN` not having dependencies.

### Testing procedure

I don't think moving `TOOLCHAIN` up can have an impact, but please take a close look.

`info-board-supported` now has consistent results same as `info-debug-variable-FEATURES_OPTIONAL` on `gnrc_minimal`.

### Issues/PRs references

Depends on #15828
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * MERGECOMMIT: #15828
  * Makefile.include: move default TOOLCHAIN before global goals
  * makefiles/dependencies_debug.inc.mk: add TOOLCHAIN
  * examples/gnrc_minimal: parse TOOLCHAIN dep after Makefile.include

-- File Changes --

    M Makefile.include (49)
    M examples/gnrc_minimal/Makefile (6)
    A examples/gnrc_minimal/Makefile.board.dep (5)
    M makefiles/dependencies_debug.inc.mk (1)
    M pkg/libfixmath/Makefile.dep (6)

-- Patch Links --


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