[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] cpu/qn908x: Implement blocking SPI support (#15689)

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Mon Jan 25 04:19:58 CET 2021

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> @@ -43,6 +43,28 @@ static const i2c_conf_t i2c_config[] = {
 #define I2C_NUMOF           ARRAY_SIZE(i2c_config)
 /** @} */
+ * @name   SPI configuration
+ * @{
+ */
+static const spi_conf_t spi_config[] = {
+    {
+        .dev            = SPI0,  /* Flexcomm 2 */
+        .copi_pin       = GPIO_PIN(PORT_A, 4),
+        .cipo_pin       = GPIO_PIN(PORT_A, 5),
+        .clk_pin        = GPIO_PIN(PORT_A, 30),
+        .cs_pin         = {
+            GPIO_PIN(PORT_A, 3),  /* MX25R2035F CS# connected here. */

I added an extra commit with the definition of the flash going from the datasheet. I checked all the commands and they are all standard. I noticed there's no way to specify the dummy cycles for the FAST_READ, but then I realized that the driver doesn't even issue .read_fast commands. There's no wake up command in this flash, but any command (any CS# low for 10 ns) wakes it up and the default wake command is a valid one so that's fine. 

However, I can't test this change because I don't have that flash chip on my board. I can flash the mtd_raw and watch the SPI lines, but of course the test fails because I don't have that chip so I can't verify the timings. Do you still want that config?

I was planning to use a QSPI NAND flash connected on the SPIFI interface (a QSPI with a fancier name basically). Is there support for any of this? I didn't see a standard interface for either of these concepts.

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