[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] dhcpv6_relay: initial import of a lightweight DHCPv6 relay agent (#16606)

Martine Lenders notifications at github.com
Fri Jul 30 11:38:43 CEST 2021

> > There you go: [br0.pcapng.zip](https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/files/6902824/br0.pcapng.zip)
> Ah, you seem to have a similar problem like I had the other day (with libCoAP in my case however): For some reason newer Linux kernels decided to rely on some Ethernet offloading which screws up the UDP checksum calculation ([edit] which causes incoming UDP packets to be dropped by RIOT). This seems to be a reoccuring issue, as using [this workaround](https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/1944#issuecomment-290982933) seemed to work for me. So for all bridges and TAP interfaces I did
> ```
> $ sudo ethtool --offload "<iface>" rx off tx off
> ```

Yepp, with

ip link | grep -o -e 'br[0-9]\+' -e 'tap_[abc][0-9]\+' |  xargs -I{} sudo ethtool --offload {} rx off tx off

being run before I start the DHCPv6 server and then rebooting all nodes (starting with the most upstream one and then going down the tree), I get the downlink prefix for all running `native` instances.

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