[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] Cannot assign a pointer when interrupted (#16517)

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Tue Jun 1 09:00:27 CEST 2021

     I am using the nimble l2cap example to connect multiple server nodes. Now I want to record every node the master has connected, so I have a struct named `remotedevice`. 
struct remotedevice{
	struct remotedevice *next;
	uint8_t data_type;
	ble_addr_t addr;
	char *name;
	thread_t *devthread;
	uint16_t handle;
	struct ble_l2cap_chan *coc;
	uint8_t *receive_buf;
	uint8_t *write_buf;
At start up, the node will call `remote_device_init()` to create a Dummy-Head linked list `remotedevice_list`. Once the master node has discover a node (in function `_filter_and_connect()`), it will call `remote_device_add()` to the list. But when assign the pointer of new device to `remtedevice_list->next` it has a hardfault, but no further information has been displayed. It seems that, the formatted output function are failed, so the status of register can not be printed (I use SEGGER RTT as the stdio). The code is shown as blow:
static void _filter_and_connect(struct ble_gap_disc_desc *disc)
    bluetil_ad_t ad;
    int res = 0;

    bluetil_ad_init(&ad, (uint8_t *)disc->data,
                    (size_t)disc->length_data, (size_t)disc->length_data);
    bluetil_ad_data_t field;
    if (bluetil_ad_find(&ad, BLE_GAP_AD_NAME, &field) == BLUETIL_AD_OK){
	if (memcmp(field.data, "BLEdge_Light_Sensor", field.len) == 0){
	    remote_device_add(DEV_PERIODIC, field.data, field.len, &disc->addr);
	    res = ble_gap_disc_cancel();
	    expect(res == 0);
	    res = ble_gap_connect(nimble_riot_own_addr_type, &disc->addr,
				     BLE_HS_FOREVER, NULL, _on_gap_evt, &disc->addr);
	    expect(res == 0);
	    thread_flags_set(_connection_thread, FLAG_GAP_DONE);
           // Continue to scan

/* add the device to device list */
struct remotedevice *remotedevice_list;
int dev_counter = 0;

/* Implementation of the module */

void remote_device_init(void){
	remotedevice_list = (struct remotedevice *)malloc(sizeof(struct remotedevice));
	memset(remotedevice_list, 0, sizeof(struct remotedevice));

int remote_device_add(uint8_t data_type, uint8_t *name, size_t name_len, ble_addr_t *addr){
	struct remotedevice dev;
	memset(&dev, 0, sizeof(struct remotedevice));
	memcpy(dev.name, name, name_len);
	dev.data_type = data_type;
	memcpy(&dev.addr, addr, sizeof(ble_addr_t));
	struct remotedevice *ptr = remotedevice_list;
	while (ptr->next){
	    if (memcmp(ptr->next->name, dev.name, name_len) == 0){
	        return dev_counter;
	    ptr = ptr->next;
        /* Where the error is 
          * If I delete this,  
          * the program works fine */
	ptr->next = &dev;  // Error "Context before hardfault:"
	return ++dev_counter;

I have try the GDB, but I can not understand the output


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