[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] pkg/mynewt-core: initial commit (#16348)

Francisco notifications at github.com
Thu May 27 10:42:34 CEST 2021

> 1. IMHO it would be great, at least for a transition time, to be able to build NimBLE with both, the NimBLE-included NPL implementation and the new `mynewt-core` package. This would significantly help for bug hunting as we have some means to find out if a faulty behavior is caused by the `mynewt-core` package or if the issue is in the NimBLE code. As discussed offline, I have spend the good part of a year to hunt down bugs in NimBLE and the RIOT NPL implementation, so my upmost concern is to keep the stability we have currently for any means! So this option for regression testing is quite important to me.

That makes sense, I'll take a look at this.

> 2. I am not sure what best to do with the `syscfg.h` files. So far the one for NimBLE is, as it states in the files comments, auto-generated through the NimBLE tool based on NimBLE's `syscfg.yml` files. This ensures, at least for the NimBLE part, that all additions/changes to the default NimBLE configuration are automatically also pulled in RIOT if the NimBLE version is updated. Do you think we could come up with some tooling that for example would take the NimBLE generated file as input and simply remove all the options that are covered by the `mynewt-core` module?

Yes my current solution is of course not ideal. When I ported `uwb-core` I looked into all the options and only kept the ones required, to remove all mynewt-required ones. I'll try to think on different approaches and come back on this.

> 3. At least for the NimBLE package I strongly want to go without patches, as I personally think they are a maintenance nightmare. Gettiing changes into NimBLE code upstream is no big deal, so adapting whats needed adaption there would be the way to go. But I don't quite have good idea on how to upstream the fix to `nimble_porting.c` in a way, that would allow for both, compiling with the NimBLE NPL or the `mynewt-core`. Probably a RIOT specific configuration option in NimBLE would do the trick?!

On the nimble side this can of course be done, I'll adapt accordingly.

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