[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] sys/senml: add SenML modules (#16384)

Philipp Blum notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 22 18:01:44 CEST 2021

> SAUL is structured in such a way that the dimensions of sensor values are entirely unknowable until you actually read it. I think it can even change on every read (theoretically). This means that the number of sensors and the number of SenML values have a ratio of somewhere between `1` and `PHYDAT_DIM`, and we cannot determine beforehand how many SenML values will be returned.
> As for passing a list with a number of sensors: is it common to have a list in such a way? Why not just pass a `saul_reg_t *dev`, as that's a linked list already?

I think a point you forget is that a user can also create a custom linked list of `saul_reg_t`. Additionally to the default SAUL register. This may be even needed for certain use-cases. Or, like in my case, I need to individually encode each sensor.
I don't want to have one endpoint with all sensors. I need them under seperated endpoints. With the current design of your API, I can't do my use case. I don't mind having a different API for it. I just need to be able to encode each device individually and a custom list.

> Taking the above into account, I have split the implementation in two functions:
> ```c
> int senml_saul_reg_encode_cbor(nanocbor_encoder_t *enc, saul_reg_t *dev);
> size_t senml_saul_encode_cbor(uint8_t *buf, size_t len, saul_reg_t *reg);
> ```
> The first function encodes all dimensions of a SAUL sensor (and returns the number of dimensions encoded), and the second one is encodes all functions in a registry. The second one is extremely simple now, and I think it would be fine to move that to the example if so desired.

For the second function: Why not having `nanocbor_encoder_t ` here as well. I am not familiar with nanocbor. Can't you reuse the encoder instead of initializing another one for each device you may encode?

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