[riot-users] possible hwtimer bug

Aleksandr Mikoff sir.enmity at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 12:39:11 CEST 2013

Dear developers and users,
Today i discovered a very strange behaviour of scheduler. When i perform
hwtimer_wait(x) function, where x - time to wait, if x < critical_value
then the function is finished correctly, but if x>critical_value, then the
function never wakes up. The critical_value varies and depends on time of
excectuion of sched_set_status function.
I have the following output from scheduler when the  function doesn`t wakes
thread_wakeup: Trying to wakeup PID 1..
status = 4875(or = 64)
thread_wakeup: Thread is not sleeping!
I tried to catch the function, which change the pid_status value, but
nothing came out.
Let me know, if you have any ideas, thank you.

Best regards,
Aleksandr Mikov
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