[riot-users] A few questions about Riot-OS

Cedric Adjih cedric.adjih at inria.fr
Fri Feb 8 10:56:02 CET 2013

  Hello rioters,

  I've seen the nice GitHub repository, and I would have a 
few questions about the current status of Riot-OS.

  The first one would be about simulation of Riot-OS
(for debugging, for testing behavior with large simulations):
is there a way to simulate it?
- for instance have a home-made simulator with a basic 
  topology (like http://zboss.dsr-wireless.com/) ?
- or have the possibility to compile it, or some parts,
  as a standalone library, and later link it to a 
  simulator (e.g. ns3, OMNET++, ...) ?
- or compile it to a known platform like Zolertia Z1,
  TelosB and then use the COOJA simulator ?

  The another set is about 6lowpan+RPL implementation:
- are all parts of the RFC(s) implemented ? 
  like storing/non-storing mode, DAO, and also for
  data traffic, the "RPL option" IPv6 option field, 
  with rank error, and associated actions.

  And finally do you know if there is any port to
PC machines (IA32/IA64), directly (as the only OS)
or as a subprocess of the PC machine ? And do you
plan to support Cortex-M3-based chip, such as the
TI CC2538 ?

Thank you for any information,
Best Regards,
-- Cédric
PSL I hope also the BeagleBoards are working well :)

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