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On 02/08/2013 10:56 AM, Cedric Adjih wrote:
> Hello rioters, *snip* The another set is about 6lowpan+RPL
> implementation: - are all parts of the RFC(s) implemented ? like
> storing/non-storing mode, DAO, and also for data traffic, the "RPL
> option" IPv6 option field, with rank error, and associated
> actions. http://lists.riot-os.org/mailman/listinfo/users

Adding a bit more on the RPL-implementation:

Our RPL implementation is not yet fully RFC-compatible. It was
implemented based on the draft-version 19 of the RFC. Since
the RFC is very large, I will give you a rundown on some aspects that
I know differ/comply to the RFC (I took a good look at it, but I did
not write the code, so no guarantees on finding everything):

- - Our implementation so far makes only use of storing mode with no
multicast (MOP = 2). (Though this should compliant, as the RFC
mentions implementations are expected to only support 1 mode for now)

- - All of the control traffic DAO/DAO-Ack/DIOs/DIS options for
non-secure RPL are implemented and seem to conform to the RFC.

- - The RPL option for data traffic with rank error and associated
actions are not implemented yet. So far, only DODAG creation and
maintenance are implemented from what I saw.

- - Instead of NUD or other mechanisms for recognizing an unreachable
parent, there is a lifetime for preferred parents, which will be
refreshed every time a DIO is received from said parent. The default
value for this lifetime is the same as for entries in the routing
table of the node.

- - For now, our implementation allows a node only to be member of 1
instance, though the code should allow for an extension to multiple
instances relatively easy.

- - The OF0 used is a very simple hop-metric, based on the OF0-RFC draft
7, which means it should differ from the now published RFC quite a bit.

That's it from me, if there are more questions, feel free to ask.


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