[riot-users] Technical Report on RIOT

Oleg Hahm oleg at hobbykeller.org
Thu Jan 17 15:31:07 CET 2013

Hej Heiko!

Thanks for your comments!

> - The data in Table I seems very optimistic to me: With those memory
> footprint we could not send pakets or use the network, we also have
> no stdout support, etc. 
It's definitely true that it's hard to compare these numbers without defining
a specific application. The numbers for RIOT are taken from a basic
application that includes stdout, but no network stack.

> Contiki and TinyOs both support multithreading. 
As far as I know, they only support light-weight multithreading with a single
stack for all threads.

> I never heard about supporting c++ in our system 
We have C++ support running on the MSB-A2 for the Wiselib, for example.

> I think it cannot be achieved on a msp430. 
Why not? mspgcc supports C++. Do you see any particular problem with it?

> P.S.: could you please add thomas to this mailing list.
Sure, but he could do it himself, too. This is a public mailing list and
anyone can subscribe at:

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