[riot-users] Technical Report on RIOT

Oleg Hahm oleg at hobbykeller.org
Thu Jan 17 15:48:44 CET 2013


> >>achieved on a msp430. What do you mean with full c support, we're not
> >>fully POSIX compatible, we are even not fully newlib compatible and
> >>cannot achieve even one of those.
> >The core is mostly libc independent. We support standard C as language,
> >without full Ansi-C base libraries or POSIX. The point is to
> >differentiate from Contiki (using protothreads which turn C into
> >something weird) and TinyOS (written in nesC).
> But the core doesn't fulfill all the advertised features.
I don't know any library within RIOT that is not ANSI C99 compatible.
We didn't claim to be fully POSIX compatible - not yet.

> >>- Contiki supports preemptive scheduling.
> >... but not through it's standard API (the protothreads thing), right?
> wrong.
Could you be a little bit more verbose here?

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