[riot-users] stm32f4 and EasyBee-SO IEEE802.15.4

Marco Scholtyssek riot at scholtyssek.org
Wed Nov 5 00:00:42 CET 2014

Hello everybody,

I would like to use RIOT with stm32f4-discovery boards and EasyBee-SO 
IEEE802.15.4 tranceiver modules (datasheet[1]). Is there already a 
driver implementation for these modules available?

To understand the API structure I've had a look at the driver 
implementations for other boards (telosb, wsn430-v1_4 and z1). Is it 
correct that there has to be a specific driver implementation for the 
stm32f4-discovery (driver_cc2420.c) based on the interface functions in 
/drivers/cc2420/include/cc2420_arch.h to get this work? Is there 
something else to care about?

Best regards,


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