[riot-users] stm32f4 and EasyBee-SO IEEE802.15.4

Hans-Joachim Borchers hjbathb at yahoo.de
Wed Nov 5 16:51:01 CET 2014

Hi Thomas and Marco.

I like to do the same in the future, using a STM32F4 Discovery with a 
CC2420 radio.

But at the moment my spare time is to less :-/

It is a philosophic question but I think the other option is to 
implement a new S/W driver layer (module) in the CC2420 driver, which 
acts as a I/F between the existing CC2420 driver and the new driver I/F 
as provided by the STM32F4....

Or do I'm thinking to simply?

Best regards

Am 05.11.2014 um 10:32 schrieb Thomas Eichinger:
> Hi Marco,
> welcome to RIOT!
>> I would like to use RIOT with stm32f4-discovery boards and EasyBee-SO IEEE802.15.4 tranceiver modules (datasheet[1]). Is there already a driver implementation for these modules available?
> No there is no support for these modules in RIOT, yet.
>> To understand the API structure I've had a look at the driver implementations for other boards (telosb, wsn430-v1_4 and z1). Is it correct that there has to be a specific driver implementation for the stm32f4-discovery (driver_cc2420.c) based on the interface functions in /drivers/cc2420/include/cc2420_arch.h to get this work? Is there something else to care about?
> Yes, cc2420_arch.h is the main interface needed to implement to add support. Additionally
> there is cc2420_spi.h in the same directory which has to be implemented.
> The stm32f4-discovery however is somewhat different to the other, msp430 based, platforms
> as it already implements the new peripheral driver interfaces, namely spi.h and gpio.h in
> `drivers/include/periph` directory. These should take a lot of hassle from you and make
> porting way easier.
> As a reference how these driver interfaces are deployed for a radio driver you can take a
> look at the implementation for the at86rf231 chip.
> Due to the fact the msp430 based platforms (telosb, z1 …) don’t implement the peripheral
> driver interfaces yet, you’d still have to wrap the functionality of the periph drivers
> by the functions defined in cc2420_(arch|spi).h.
> Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to ask any upcoming questions here on this list or in
> the IRC. Looking forward to review you PR for this!
> Best, Thomas
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