[riot-users] Starting Riot

Ludwig Ortmann ludwig.ortmann at fu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 10 22:08:47 CEST 2014


Am 10. Oktober 2014 19:34:39 MESZ, schrieb Marcio Segura <marciopps at gmx.com>:
>Hi friends, I am starting using RIOT (uC Nordic nRF51822, Board
>pca10000) but I have some issues I would like you could help me:  
>1. I couldn't figure out when the OS takes control of the uC, because
>in some examples the "main(void)" procedure never calls Riot.

That is because RIOT calls main.
First the board and CPU are initialized, then kernel_init is called, which in turn starts the main thread (and the idle thread).

>2. I couldn't figure out how to make more than one independent task.
>Again in "main(void)" looks like a bare metal program.

Look at /tests/thread* for examples.

>3. Solving the issue 2, when I put the priority on each task?

Also there. You might want to look at the reference as well (search for RIOT API).

>4. Do you have some kind of manual or example telling the configuration
>of semaphores, mutex, events? There are some example with 2 or more
>simple tasks like a "blinking led" and "display writing" in same

You might find examples in our GitHub Wiki, the API, /tests, and /examples. If that doesn't help try `git grep '\<function_name\>'` in the root directory, most functions are used somewhere.

Cheers, Ludwig

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