[riot-users] Newcomer

jerome jerome at javaxpert.com
Sat Aug 1 16:58:42 CEST 2015

Hi all RIOT OS gurus,
let me introduce myself, I am Jerome a newbie in the embedded world. I 
was previously Java architect as a freelance during 17 years (yes nobody 
is perfect!!).
I want to start a project with a quite tiny MCU (Cortex ARM M3 L serie 
or maybe Cortex ARM M0+).
I checked the RTOS landscape and I was seduced by your project:
- C naming conventions are standard (I can't read FreeRTOS code it's 
- small
- quite well documented
- the idea to provide a Docker image is nice but I was unable to launch 
- your build system is really nice , being able to launch the build 
natively is a genious idea!!! I tried to use NuttX but was unable to 
build it...

I try to read the code (samples) and the docs ....
I have just a small question, even if I am a newbie with RTOS I am quite 
surprised not to see in the samples/interfaces a way to schedule timers 
? This is a classical from the RTOS isn't it ? These small schedulers 
just run jobs...I saw in the samples, threads (OK) and message queues 
(perfect for inter threads communication) but no timers...

I'd like to thank you for your work. I imagine I will have many other 
questions and may be some kinds of proposals to your community (adding 

Kind regards
Jerome akka deadbrain

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