[riot-users] [Newbie] Design guidance

jerome jerome at javaxpert.com
Mon Aug 3 15:51:07 CEST 2015

Hi all,
I have different questions , but the most important is the first one I 

1) Reading the documentation I saw, the what must be done and what 
should not be done...
Very useful but ....
I am supposed to create some threads but not too much. Here is my 
What is a typical number of threads on tiny MCUs ?I am targetting Cortex 
M3 L series or may be Cortex M0+ new chipsets.
My first design implies to create:
- 1 Timer for LCD display (every minute)
- 1 Timer for sensors data collection (every 2 seconds)
- 1 Timer for data synchronization through GSM every minute (if there's 
something in the alarm queue send it or sleep, so there should not be 
too many GSM calls)
- 1 Thread awaiting for something in the data queue to make some small 

So basically my solution has :
- 2 queues
- 3 Timers
- 1 thread + main one
Is it possible to run such design on small devices? Not too ambitious?
Is there somewhere an abacus with typical application complexity for a 
given hardware ?

2) RIOT sponsoring...
I may need to see a bunch of chipsets and one board integrated quickly 
into RIOT.
Is it possible to sponsor development ? My company is very small and not 
rich but it is strategical for me to see my sensors natively supported 
by RIOT..

3) RIOT training
Is there in France or Germany some training courses available? Google 
was useless...

4) I saw somewhere in the source code a strange excerpt dealing with 
message-queue where there 's  a problem if 2 messages come (the message 
queue is sized to one only message) so a new one is created...
Strange, why not sizing the queue to 2 ?

Thanks for your help
Kind regards and thanks again for this beautiful piece of software


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